Group Programs

Learning with horses can occur in many contexts. One does not need to be a “horse person” or have experiences with horses to benefit from what they have to offer. Full Circle Farm wishes to share the benefits of learning from horses by offering interactive group programs for adults and children.

Equine Leadership Programs

Leadership is more than a title or a position, but a way of thinking and being through actions and behaviors. Effective leadership skills are learned and are an ongoing process. Unharness your leadership potential - reach higher, dream bigger, achieve greater, and inspire others. Let horses lead you to greater leadership.

Group rope activity

Full Circle Farm is proud to offer trailblazing leadership programs for organizations and groups. Qualities of leadership is a personal development program using horses. Horses are a unique medium for enhancing qualities that make up “leadership”. Horses are natural teachers because of their innate nature/characteristics. Horses live in the moment and are exceptionally perceptive. They require their human leaders to suspend emotion, accurately interpret potentially changing situations, and then apply appropriate leaderships skills to fit the situation. This involves learning to be more emotionally fit and effectively communicating to become a more confident and effective leader. Full Circle Farm horses along with experienced trained staff offer specially crafted dynamic horse-human interactions which will provide you the opportunity for honing your communication skills and adapt your leadership style and become a better problem solver for challenging situations.

Programs are offered for organizations and groups for a half or full day. No prior experience with horses is necessary. Maximum of twelve people (minimum of four) can participate at one time. The program can also serve as team building for developing better relationships.

Leadership programs are priced as follows:

Kids Natural Horsemanship Camp

The natural horsemanship camp for children includes learning about horse behavior and horse training as well as hands-on activities and interacting with horses. Participants will groom horses, play horse-related games, walk horses through an obstacle course, ride a horse and more. No prior experience with horses is necessary. Participants will be learning along with the Full Circle Farm lesson horses.

Courtney with 4H group

Natural Horsemanship camps for children are offered at various times throughout the year. They are geared toward school age children. Camps are offered as individual classes and as a series. Camp size ranges from 4 - 8 children at one time. Private groups can schedule their own personal camp. Contact Full Circle Farm for pricing and scheduling.