Meet the Owners

Let us introduce ourselves. We, Courtney and Alex Clarke, are proud owners of Full Circle Farm. Courtney is the farm’s manager and trainer. Alex is Courtney’s greatest supporter, casual equestrian, and head of maintenance and repairs. In his day job, he is an engineer. Alex, an avid sailor and ice climber, enjoys applying his engineering skills to farm projects.

Courtney, Alex and Jake

As manager and trainer, Courtney’s desire is to offer you and your horse a premier experience whether it be caring for or training your horse or supporting you and your horsemanship goals. I utilize natural horsemanship instructional techniques which provide strong foundation training. My students, in addition to riding instruction, learn groundwork exercises to train and engage their horse to get the horse “ride-ready”. I have a lot of experience with people who are first time horse owners, getting back into horses, or needing to build back confidence. My instructional methods are complimentary to all riding disciplines.

Like many of you, I have a lifelong love of horses. I began studying natural horsemanship in 2003 at which time I successfully trained my first horse. He was an unruly yearling who transformed into a polite, trustworthy, horse. I have competed in western classes, studied hunter/jumper and am currently learning dressage. My goal is for Full Circle Farm is to be a safe, comfortable, and fun learning environment for horses and for the people who love them.

Courtney and Monte and sled

Courtney and Alex live on-site and personally oversee all activities at the farm. Full Circle Farm is a no-drama barn with a limited number of boarders to maintain healthy pastures and community atmosphere. Please contact me to visit Full Circle Farm to see if this is the right community for you and your horse. Responses are generally within 24 hours.


You can reach Courtney by:

Text or call: (989)225-1702

Email: info@full360.horse

You can follow us on Facebook too!

Courtney’s Career Summary

I am actively engaged in ongoing self-improvement. I continually work on my own education by attending lectures, workshops, and university classes on a many horse-related topics.


Full Circle Farm is located at 5180 Grange Hall Road, Holly, MI 48442. Here is a map to help you plan your route.